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Voice changes or ‘dysphonia’ can greatly impact one’s confidence, wellbeing & employment. Professional voice users (e.g. teachers, barristers, auctioneers, coaches, journalists, personal trainers, customer service officers, phone operators) rely on their voice to both fulfill job requirements and to progress their careers. Such occupations comprise 1/3 of the labour force.

Voice & Swallowing Speech Pathology manages a range of paediatric and adult voice disorders, including:

  • Vocal fold nodules
  • Vocal fold cysts or polyps
  • Muscle tension dysphonia
  • Vocal fold paralysis
  • Peri-operative therapy
  • Parkinson’s disease (LSVT certification)
  • Spasmodic dysphonia
  • Puberphonia
  • Aphonia (no voice)
  • Trans & gender diverse

What we do

Comprehensive assessment using the latest voice recording technology

Joint sessions with ENT specialists to better inform management

Lee Silverman Voice Treatment (LSVT LOUD® Certified Clinician)

Voicecraft® & Estill Voice Training® exercises, among others

Devise individualised, evidence-based and holistic therapy plans

Pre and post laryngeal surgical care

Client with headset and smile

How you could benefit from voice therapy: signs & symptoms

Speech pathologists improve voice quality and endurance utilising simple, evidence-based vocal tract exercises as well as behavioural and lifestyle adjustments. Phonation refers to the process of producing sound by vibrating vocal folds, while resonance is the amplification of sound within the vocal tract. These techniques, along with balanced breathing, can improve and maintain vocal health even after injury and help prevent future injuries.

Common symptoms we help with include:

  • A pain, or lump in the throat
  • Vocal fatigue, strain, or pain
  • Complete voice loss
  • Change in the pitch, loudness or quality
  • Difficulty speaking or projecting your voice
  • Loss of range or loss of upper register
  • Tremulous voice

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Why choose us?

Customised care plans

We tailor care plans with evidence-based vocal exercises to address your unique voice challenges.

Specialised care for your career

We provide targeted support for professional voice users, addressing issues from vocal fatigue to complete voice loss.

Home visits and telehealth options

At no extra cost, we can support you in the comfort of your own home or in residential aged care.

Advanced diagnostic tools

We use the latest evidence-based practices in voice therapy to ensure you receive the most effective and scientifically supported treatment available.

Heal, Protect, Enhance | reach your vocal goals

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